Friday, 7 January 2011

HOTT Albion

Hott army possibility, stumbled across the ‘Unofficial Warhammer Armies’ Codices, most of which are definitely of interest.
Being mean I thought it an opportunity of gaining extra HOTT armies by morphing elements over from existing historical ones.  Having just finished a Pictish army, Albion looked an easy one and translates as follows:
Cuchulainn/Hero General/HaT-Airfix Ancient Brits.
Hunting Dog/Beasts/Revell Conquistador set
Woad Raiders/Warband/Italeri Gaul Warriors

From DBA Pictish army:
Clansmen Cavalry/Riders/HaT Gothic cavalry
Warriors/Spears/Newline Designs Goths
Skirmishers/Shooters/Newline Designs Goths
24AP in all.

All were morphed except Cuchulainn and one of the Italeri elements, so not difficult.
Probably got the rest except for Norse (which is on the way) and Cathay (an excuse for a Chinese army!).  Getting the fantasy bit in only means adding a figure or two which I might do later, for now do as they are.


  1. HURRAY!!! The Airfix chariot :-) Nice to see it in action.
    Has Cuchlain the ability to go into one of his famous fits of rage?

  2. Cool. I keep meaning to figure out HOTT, but I am still learning DBA. Splintered Light has some 15mm deer hounds that would be perfect for 1/72 (if you want to go for the historically correct breed).

  3. Paul - Thanks, I'm not a fan of Airfix, have to admit it turned out better than I'd hoped. Now what to do with the other one?

    Andrew - Slowly but surely HOTT is becoming the only rule set I use for everything. Dead easy and fast, by amalgamating bits of DBA into HOTT, all those pesky elements HOTT doesn't have can get in and the fantasy bits get ignored if that's what I want. Obviously this approach would never suit everyone but as a solo gamer, good for me.