Sunday, 8 August 2010

HOTT Skaven

HOTT Army Skaven. Bit of a disaster with these; after spending ages on them, matt sprayed them on a humid day and lo and behold, cloudy varnish! As the paint job is protected by a coating of Johnson’s ‘Klear’ it wasn’t a reaction with the paint or wash used. "Oh bother" I said. Thought 24 hours in a warm airing cupboard might do some good. Nope, didn’t. Absolutely unwilling to repaint them, did a touch up as far as I could. After all they are rats, so wouldn't be pristine, would they?
The army arrayed.
Throt the Unclean (blade general) with Ratangian Guard (blades) guarding the stronghold. Throt could be fielded as a Hero general or Hero and the guard as warband or horde.
Lord Skrolk (Hero) and the Grey Seer (Magician).
Rat Ogres (beasts).
Warp fire thrower (shooter or artillery), jezzails (shooters).
Gutter runners (sneaker or warband or lurker).
Clan rats (hordes).
Doom wheel (behemoth) large and heavy on a 60x120mm base.


  1. Somewhere very recently I read a blog post that talked about the clouding you mention - this chap had a very very simple fix - I'll see if I can find it....

  2. Found it!!

    Does this help??

  3. Obliged for that mate. I had come to the same conclusion and did give them a go over with a black wash. However I think I shot myself in the foot by varnishing over a coat of 'Klear' which made the recovery much less effective. I really should have known better regarding the weather conditions; but that's what happens when you are rushing to a conclusion!