Thursday, 6 May 2010

HOTT Tyranids

Hott Army, Tyranids:

A couple of problems in doing this bunch. Number one was choosing a colour-scheme. Originally I went for a flashy one, namely copying a Sally Lightfoot crab (check it out on Google). After doing a couple it became apparent that it would take forever to do 30-odd of them and the scheme didn't suit the different sized figures. So I chose a simpler scheme using 3 main colours. To get a bit of variety I imagined that the different sizes from rippers to carnifex were different stages in development, rippers being nymphs, then gaunts first instar, lords, etc, being second instar (to use an analogy from the insect world) with the colours getting duller as size increased. The second problem was the basing, I didn't think that the usual 'summer meadow' look was right but got stuck on what was. In the end chose what they have, basically deserted waste.

Hive Tyrant; 1xHero General. The lore says Tyranids don't have generals as such, each doing what they are bred to do single-mindedly. The hive tyrant is as close as it gets as it is a powerful enough psyker to control others. Ends up the only core unit.

Carnifex; 1xBehemoth. This guy is BIG, base is 60mmx140mm.

Brood Lord; 1xHero. Kinda like a super gene stealer, can act like a colonel or brigadier.

Zoanthrope; 1xMagician. These things float around messing with the enemies minds.

Genestealers; 2xWarband. Superior grunts.
Gargoyles; 2xFlyers. Flying grunts.
Hormagaunts; 2xBlades. Grunts.
Termagants; 2xShooters. Grunts
Ripper Swarms; 2xHordes/Beasts. Could be fielded as either.
Size comparison rippers/carnifex.
Stronghold, brood nest. The little things on the base are I believe glands,
supposed to be stuck to the figures for WH40K points purposes, used
here as larvae.


  1. How extremely unpleasant! Nice work mate.

  2. Cheers. Quite fancy one as a pet, a small one of course :)