Sunday, 4 April 2010

1/72 DBA New Kingdom Egyptian

1xLCh (Gen); 3xLCh

 Tricky bit I find about ancients is how to choose a colour scheme. Later periods are easy, as usually you are working to some kind of uniform dress code. So how to paint Egyptians from 1200BC or thereabouts? Check the 'net is the answer! Tracked down an illustration of a tomb painting from Abu Simbel; it shows Rameses II besieging somewhere or other. Himself in a chariot as usual with accompanying chariots. The end result is I painted my chariots in what I interpreted from the illustration. Turned out not too bad. All figures Caesar Miniatures plastics. Based for DBA 25mm.



1x2Ps and camp followers. 1x3Wb for 'b' list. Handy that, two armies for the price of one (purists would argue not).


  1. Great looking army! Nice work. This might inspire my daughter to finish her Egyptians.