Tuesday, 28 May 2013

1/72 Renaissance Spanish

Lot01The Lot
One of four armies for the War of The League of Cambrai 1508 – 1516. The principal protagonists were:
  • Neapolitan Spanish
  • Valois French
  • Swiss Confederation
  • Republic of Venice
The whole thing became a shifting morass of alliances, one year’s allies could change sides the following year and so on.

1/72 plastics from Revell and Caesar.  Conquistadors not quite right for early century but have to do as no choice in plastics.

Originally done a couple of years ago; re-visited to boost infantry numbers mainly but more cavalry added and given dedicated artillery.

CinC01C-in-C Ramon de Cardona, Viceroy of Naples. 

GdArm01Gente d’armas.Gin01
Ginetes. Beats me why Caesar didn’t simply release a complete box of these, same for the heavy cavalry.

Col01Col02Col03Col04(Number four suffers from depleted numbers). 'Uniform' from illustration in NYPL on-line collection. Pikes are double-based, additional pikes from mildly converted swordsmen. Arquebusiers have their weapons shortened for a more 'arquebusy' look. ProTerc01‘Proto’ Tercio.
Art01Guns are left-overs, crew converted from Conquistadors and left-overs.

Baggage.  Wagon from BUM artillery train set, figures 20mm metal from Newline Designs.


  1. Nice work mate. I've been investigating making a Spanish army in 1/72 as well as enemies for some Landsknechts I'm painting up. Even bought the BUM artillery for US$21, only to find the guns were archaic bombards and the figures were pirated Landsknechts. Not pleased at all.

  2. Yeah I was mug enough to buy all their sets which purported to be 'Pavia'. Infantry set consisted of a couple of sprues of DDS Landsknecht pikemen and one sprue of DDS Landsknecht arquebusiers and swordsmen. The cavlry set was a VERY poor copy of what looked like Revell medieval knights. Got the artillery set and the artillery train set, both crap. I'm going to do French in plastic using Landsknechts and the crossbows from the Revell and Caesar Conquistadors along with the DDS Euro knights (now they ARE nice figures! The biggest snag is getting decent arquebusiers, everybody makes musketeers. I found out to my cost that the Mars 'arquebusiers' are 30 years war musketeers and costumed as such, Doh! All I can say is Good Luck!

  3. That´s a cracking looking army, well thought out and painted

  4. Cheers Paul. It's a shame that this period is so badly neglected by the major figure makers. After all it's not as though it wasn't popular. There appears to be this fixation on the Napoleonic period and WW2 Germans.