Tuesday, 3 November 2009

1/72 II/7 Later Achaemenid Persians

1x3Cv (Gen), 2x3Cv,

 Based for DBA 25mm. Figures from Zvezda and HaT.


2x2LH and 2x2Ps,

 4x4Sp. The usual tight squeeze 4 Zvezda on a base!


  1. Just saw your site this evening.
    Liked your paint job on the Hat Sakae.
    I believe they are supposed to represent the Saka tigraxauda (who were "with pointed hats"). They inhabited the area around the lower Caspian Sea just north of Parthia.
    I am currently working on three 1/72 plastic armies with elements I can interchange Persian/Greek and Scythian.
    I am using as many brands aspossible as most of them are warriors with individual arms. So far I have Zvezda, Hat LW and Orion and hope to get some Odemars and Mars figures to complete the mix.
    I have just returned to the hobby after a 20yr absence.
    Thanks for a great site.

  2. Half the pleasure of using plastics I think is the research needed to track down who makes what when trying to build a particular army. Necessity is often the mother of invention!

    Welcome back and thanks for the kind remarks.