Sunday, 25 October 2009

25mm HYW Scots for DBA

My first foray into the medieval world.  Figures are 25mm metals from various makers; bargain bucket from e-bay with a few supplements.  Based on participants at Bauge 1421.

The all options army.
1x3Kn (Gen). The Earl of Buchan flanked by Sir Hugh Carmichael and Hugh Kennedy. Minifigs.

10x4Pk. Essex and Minifigs.
4x4Pk under Sir Alexander Buchanan (who killed the Duke of Clarence) and Sir John Stuart of Darnley.

4x4Pk under Sir Robert Stewart of Ralston and Sir John Sibbald.
2x4Pk under Laurence Vernon.

1x3Bw. Minifigs.
1x3Wb, Essex. 1x5Wb under Henry Cunningham. Minifig and Eureka.
1x2Ps, Crusade c/o Warrior.


  1. Nice job! I especially like the generals stand..

  2. Cheers, I like Minifigs, bit old-fashioned in appearance but easy to work with