Sunday, 1 March 2009

1/72 II/3 Classical Indian.

General's command elephant (Lucky Toys), 2xEl from HaT.

Found myself stuck as to what colour scheme to use for this one. Having neither the skill nor the patience to go for an elaborate scheme I went looking for something simple. First thing was to research the significance of colour in Hinduism, this decided the basic colours used:
red, for shakti (prowess);
blue, bravery/manliness/determination;
yellow, knowledge and learning; competence;
saffron, battle colour of the Rajput warrior caste.

The army list covers a thousand years so it's gotta fit in there somewhere! The figures are from the Lucky Toys Porus' Army set and the HaT (Coates & Shine) 8131, 8142 (3 in the box!) and 8154 sets. When I bought the figures the HaT chariot set was only a gleam in someone's eye, but released long before I started the army; went with what I had regardless. The HaT figures aren't that good anatomically being rather stout and squat-looking, most unlike the gracile people of the sub-continent.

1xLCh (Lucky Toys), 2x3Cv from HaT.

5x3Lb, 1x4Bd all from HaT. I'll post better pics when I get the chance.

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