Friday, 13 March 2009

1/72 II/2 Mountain Indian.


1xEl (Gen). HaT figure left over from Classicals. The general is
half and half HaT and Lucky Toys.

A real motley crew, good way of using up left over figures and some from unused sets. No historical research involved, assumed this army would be a mixed bag of different ethnic/cultural backgrounds. Smaller populations requiring some banding together for defence. That's my theory anyway!

2xLH. HaT Parthian Light Cavalry figures. Posing as Bactrians/Arachosians or some such. Will morph over nicely if I ever do that Parthian army.

2x3Ax. HaT Indian Infantry, nothing else to say really.
2x3Ax. Lucky Toys Porus Army set; who or what they are
supposed to be I couldn't say.

1x4Ax. HaT Persian Light Infantry set, posing as Saka here.
The pointy hats are indicative apparently.
2x2Ps. HaT Persian Light Infantry set, posing as Bactrians here.
2x2Ps. HaT Indian Infantry set, look like aboriginal types.

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